Ashley Friedman

Director of Business Development

Ashley Friedman, a dynamic and accomplished sales professional, joins the Mathews Lighting Group with a rich background in technology and digital advertising. A 2008 graduate of Texas Tech University, Ashley earned her Bachelor of Business Administration in Management, laying the groundwork for her impressive career trajectory.

Her journey in the tech industry began with roles at influential companies like Foursquare and Viant Technology, where she honed her skills in sales and client relations. Ashley’s exceptional ability to drive sales growth is evident in her record of increasing revenues by triple-digit percentages at every company she has been part of. Her portfolio of high-profile clients includes industry giants such as Nissan, Toyota, Hilton Hotels, and Whole Foods.

While Ashley’s expertise has primarily been in digital advertising products, her transition to the Mathews Lighting Group marks an exciting new chapter. Here, she looks forward to leveraging her sales acumen in the world of lighting distribution and design. Ashley is particularly enthusiastic about the tangible aspect of this industry — the opportunity to see the physical manifestation of her work in completed lighting projects.

Ashley’s move to the Mathews Lighting Group is not just a change in product but a continuation of her passion for driving sales and building lasting client relationships. Her proven track record and fresh perspective are poised to make a significant impact in the lighting industry.